The loss of a family member is a true test of strength, and planning for one’s own death can also be a struggle. When financial or legal stress adds to the mourning, the situation may quickly become intolerable. A number of questions that seem insoluble then arise.

Estate planning ? Legal or appointed heirs ? Surviving spouse ? Reconstituted family ? Will ? Estate agreement? Reserve of a portion of estate ? Legacy ? Estate division ? Disinheritance ? Repudiation ? Limitation of heirs’ liability to net assets ? Official liquidation ? Executors ?

Resolve these problems with a lawyer? Some hesitate to even think about it !

And yet...


...solutions exist

Consideration of all the factors that involve the family’s economic future is essential. Effective assertion of one’s rights can be a real struggle. Experience shows that simple legal advice may avoid long and costly lawsuits. In complete confidentiality, you can obtain information regarding the stakes and procedures in estate law that are often unknown. Consultation with a lawyer opens a constructive dialogue that can lead to astute advice and the finding of appropriate solutions even in emotional and complicated situations. Amicable and reasonable solutions may be reached in most of disputes regarding inheritance of estates.

When faced with an impasse, recourse to a lawyer who has solid experience in matters of inheritance is essential for the assertion of one’s rights in a thoroughly legitimate and efficient way that is in the family’s interest or simply in one’s own financial interest.

The assistance of a lawyer during one’s life in the preparation of one’s estate and the planning for the succession and execution thereof when the time comes, is also helpful and necessary. Peace in the family and the protection of assets are often at stake.

...what to do?

Take the leap. Make an appointment. Do not wait to find yourself in a disintegrating situation … This approach is especially important since it involves your loved ones, and the issues of concern often must be resolved during a period of mourning or illness. There can be a stressful confusion of feelings: sadness, fear, culpability, shame or even anger? Contrary to the received wisdom, the assistance of a lawyer does not necessarily mean the commencement of a painful legal battle. On the contrary, a lawyer very often facilitates the finding of an equitable solution and, from the outset, plans the succession of an estate and organizes it in an equitable and protective way.

In more complicated situations, it is important to know how to defend oneself and respond to circumstances expeditiously. Protection of elementary rights in this sensitive area of law within the requisite short period of time is essential. You must be able to count on a lawyer who is not only experienced, but also readily available and combative. In view of the impact that family difficulties may have on daily life, a personalized strategy that is appropriate for each case must be developed in a relationship of trust.

From the outset, it is essential to take the measures that are necessary from an overall perspective with respect to both the personal and financial stakes. In that context, the cost of a lawyer must not put a brake on an efficient defence. Hence, if your financial resources are limited, you can apply to legal aid at our office. Coverage of fees by legal protection insurance must also be analyzed.

...why us?

Trained at the Universities of Lausanne, Saint-Gall and Geneva, Mr. Matthieu Genillod is thoroughly knowledgeable and deeply engaged in domestic relations law and estate law, mainly in the canton of Vaud. As he argues almost daily before the judicial authorities, such as the Justice of Peace, the district courts, the Cantonal Property Chamber or the Vaud cantonal court, he knows their procedures and functions very well, and employs that knowledge to the benefit of all his clients.

Always attentive to his clients and their needs, he practises this particular area of law with rigour and professionalism, but also with humanity, as he attaches great importance to listening to his clients. Mr. Genillod gives particular importance to an interdisciplinary approach in legal situations that are seldom limited to a single area of law. He also collaborates in international situations with the support of foreign research. Solidly grounded in his experience, he serves as a custodian in complicated family situations or even as an executor at the request of his client or an authority. Devoted to his profession, Mr. Genillod – who holds the TREX | MAS HES federal diploma of fiduciary experts – teaches estate law / Inheritance law and is particularly committed to the fundamental importance of ongoing training and up-to-date knowledge of changes in the legislation.

Mr. Genillod has a large network of professionals at his disposal to handle a wide variety of situations from a human and financial perspective (psychologists, mediators, arbitrators, notaries, fiduciaries, taxation, etc.). Mr. Matthieu Genillod practises law at the Alphalex Avocats SA firm, of which he is the founder and managing lawyer. Hence, he may count on the collaboration of lawyers experienced in estate law, as well as on an effective structure. Mr. Genillod puts great emphasis on a personalized approach in each situation, in service to the client’s best interests.

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Every day of the week at ALPHALEX AVOCATS SA.

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You may contact us by telephone at 021 512 44 47 or by e-mail.

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For any general legal question or information on the judicial organization, you are invited to consult the website of the Vaud Judicial Order or that of the Vaud Bar Association (OAV).